To put it simply, you need insurance.

As you are well aware, equipment is expensive, and it must be protected correctly by insurance.

Kitster is not yet able to provide insurance for everyone, however this will be changing soon. In the meantime, there are measures we have put in place to help you on your way.

Kitster is dedicated to screening everyone that joins the hiring community, so you know you’re connected with trusted fellow colleagues, companies and broadcasters.

We are committed to building a transparent network.

Insurance is needed by at least one of the two people hiring from each other and it has to state ‘hired out insurance’.  This is important for when uploading your policy to the Kitster servers. The policy will be checked initially and before each hire. Kitster can also keep a deposit for the period of hire, should a deposit be required by a client.

When it comes to insuring your own equipment, the policy needs to be taken out by you or your company. You can hire your equipment out to others if your insurance states ‘hired out insurance’.  Your insurance will also cover the person using your kit on the job.

Kitster is here to help any disputes. We have our own messaging system that helps to follow chain of events, in case there are ever any disputes with the hire.  

To hire out your equipment we recommend that you have insurance. If you are hiring equipment out to someone through Kitster, it is important that their insurance covers the full cost of your equipment. Alternatively, the person hiring your equipment can use your insurance, however insurance for both parties is recommended. Once again your insurance needs to state ‘hired out insurance’ in the instance of any claims while the equipment is not with you.

Whether you have equipment worth 5k or 500k, the value of equipment you are to hire out or hire in, depends on the amount you are insured for. This can either be a one month policy or an annual policy, depending on your requirements.



Performance media insurance



If you are looking for, or need insurance, Kitster recommends insuring through Performance or Media Insurance Brokers (MIB).


Performance Insurance is an on demand provider for hired out insurance on your kit.


Performance Insurance makes it really easy to get a quote and buy online insurance for your kit. This is the most important aspect in peer to peer hiring and Performance Insurance makes this simple. You can get insurance for your own valued kit, and you can even get insurance for other people’s kit if you don’t already have your own. With instant access to a free online quote, and simple to navigate insurance options, (including annual policies), Performance Insurance far outweighs traditional insurance providers.




Once you have your insurance details and relevant documents, then all you need to do is upload these details to Kitster, under ‘My Account’. This can be found at the top right corner of the Kister home page. Kitster will double verify your policy validity for additional security and we will then allow the hire to be released. This ensures both parties are happy and insured.


Performance also have annual policies for your kit.






MIB have been insuring for the media industry since 1990 and caters for all types of productions. From Feature films to corporate videos, MIB can provide cover for your equipment or your production, from 1 day to 1 year.

They cover for hired out equipment, which is important when hiring on Kitster, making sure your kit or someone else’s kit is covered. MIB is there to help determine the most appropriate cover for you.


For up to 30 days of cover please click the link below for a fast online quote.



For shorter periods of insurance or annual cover please call the number below.


Media insurance brokers  - 020 7287 5054




Please click here.



Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).


Any time you make changes to your insurance policy, please make sure you update your insurance details in the my account area on the Kitster website. (