How It Works | Hiring Professional Equipment



Kitster is about bringing the community of the film, television, and photography industries together for the purpose of hiring each others professional equipment.

Most people in the industry have equipment of their own to use and to hire. Kitster is about bringing these people together on a safe, trusted and reliable network. We realise that the best kit is your own kit. Owner operators know their individual kit better than anyone. With this in mind they are the best people to hire from.

The care and attention that they give to their equipment as well as the vast knowledge of the product is valuable to all. As owners can support productions with their own knowledge and quality equipment.

Kitster is simple.

Once you are signed up you can start uploading photos of your equipment under the selected categories. People can then search for your kit by name or by date using the calendar. Once confirmed you arrange to meet or drop off the equipment. Use the equipment on a shoot and then drop/deliver it back when you're done.

Kitster is getting your kit out there, for everyone to use.


First initial hires are paid upfront in full.

You can be refused hire if you have no insurance. (Specified by user)

If you are not insured you are entitled to pay the full cost of the replacement or repairs to any damaged equipment.

Delivery and Return agreed between the users.