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Listing kit


Uploading and listing your kit is free. It can be done by going to the ‘list your kit’ in the header of the page. You can select your kit and upload photos.


  • Set your hire price

  • Set a deposit amount if required

  • Set a sale price - If you are considering selling

  • Select 4 days for 7 discount on week hires

  • Add a description


Once uploaded you can see your kit under ‘My account’ - ‘Kit Manager’


Kit manager is where you can edit, delete or take your kit offline. Say you are on a long work trip or holidays. You can hide your kit from being searched by clicking ‘take offline’.

Renting kit


To request kit you have to have completed the full sign up where you are Verified and then your account is activated for you to hire. All you need to do is choose the kit and the dates you need. Add to your kit bag and then request kit. You will then be taken to the checkout area where you can put a holding payment down. Via Credit/Debit card or Paypal.


An email is then sent to the requested user and they can either confirm or deny the request. If the requested hire is confirmed, payment is made to Kitster.  The payment is held until the hire is completed. Once complete the money is then paid.


If the request is cancelled. No payment is taken and you can keep looking for the right kit.




Kitster has it’s own messaging system where you can chat to other people that are part of the Kitster community. You can ask questions about their kit, arrange delivery or ask if the kit is free.



Kitster recommends that everyone is insured. It keeps life simple.


If the person who owns the equipment is happy to hire to you with their insurance policy then that is up to them.


But it is recommended that you take out insurance for equipment that you hire. Therefore the onus is on you to take good care of it and get it back to the owner in working order.


Kitster recommends Media Insurance Brokers that can facilitate insurance from 1 day to annual policies. You can find them here.


The insurance must always state that it is for hired out equipment.


Kitsters’ Fee


Kitster will take 10% of the final hire amount. This does not include the deposit amount if one is requested. This is with a 3.4% fee plus a 0.20p transaction fee going to Paypal.


So Kitster receives 6.6% and Paypal 3.4%.




A hire of equipment, with the total value being £100.

Kitsters fee is 10%


Kitster - £6.60

Paypal - £3.40 + 0.20p


TOTAL - £10.20




There is no fixed way of delivering kit. Kitster has it’s own messaging system for you to communicate with owners and renters. This way you can work out which way suits both of you.


So you can either have it Delivered, Dropped off, picked up or you can meet in set location that suits both of you.


Kitster is part of the sharing economy.


Kitster likes the idea of sharing. So if someone makes the effort in the first instance you can return the favour when you have to drop the kit off. Or of course the next time you hire.


Communication is key and that is the most important thing when meeting up.


After a hire


After the hire once the kit has been returned in working order.  You need to log back in to Kitster to press the ‘Hire complete’ button. To do this you follow these steps.


  • Kitster.com

  • Log in

  • My Account

  • Kit on hire

  • Hire complete


Once this has been clicked. Then Kitster can release the funds to hirer of the kit. Money is normally in your account within 2-3 working days.