Delivery - Drop off - Pick up - Meet


There is always a way to get equipment to you - no matter where you are, or where the production is!


You can arrange for the kit to be dropped off, or to meet each other in person. It is entirely up to you!


If you choose to meet each other in person, you have the added benefit of networking and building a trusted relationship, whilst also being given a first hand overview of the kit from the owner. This is a reliable way to ensure everything you have hired is there, as well as having the opportunity to ask the owner any questions, ideas or for direction about the kit.


In the instance that a pick up or drop off in person is not applicable, then a delivery service may be used. Please bear in mind that when using third party services to deliver your kit, Kitster cannot be responsible for the safety of your kit. Kitster always recommends meeting in person and a face to face kit exchange.


If you do need to utilise a delivery service, Kitster always recommends using a reliable provider. A list of recommended providers is below:






Addison Lee - Courier service





Parcel Monkey



Please note that some items are only insured up to £1000.00. So please read their individual T&C’s.


If you want to meet up or pick up equipment and don’t have a vehicle there are also these handy options.








Zipcar - Local car hire





Drive Now

Happy hiring from the kitster team!