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Started in 2015 and based in London - Kitster is a peer to peer hiring platform with a trusted network, connecting people to specialised equipment for film, commercials, photography, news, outside broadcast, corporate video's and anything in-between.
Kitster makes it easy to list your kit and discover all of the kit that is out there for hire. Kitster is a great way to monetise your kit purchase to a growing audience, whether it's a one day shoot or a feature film.
Kitster connects you to the right kit, for the right job, at a personal level. We realise that the best kit is your own kit. Owner operators know their individual kit better than anyone. With this in mind you are the best people to hire from. You can support productions with your own knowledge and set up your kit in a way that you know works. Often lightweight, compact and easy to access. All things that make those labour intensive shoots more bearable and easier keeping yourself and the end client happy.